Friday, December 16, 2011

How a Graphic Designer does Sugar Cookies!

So, at 8:00pm on Thursday night, my husband (who just made me a gourmet dinner of grilled pork tenderloin, roasted sweet potatoes with homemade dipping sauce and sauteed snap peas..yum!) tells me that he had meant to do something as holiday gifts for his co-workers (he teaches math at Germantown High School) but forgot. He was bummed because we had talked about making homemade jams and preserves to give as gifts this year but ran out of time, so I really wanted to do something to help him out. So, I decided that the only thing I could make from scratch without going to the grocery store is sugar cookies. (who doesn't love christmas sugar cookies?!?) Then, once finished and the house smelling like holiday season, I decided to work on the packaging. Being a graphic designer, I get way more excited about the bags, labels, tags, string, boxes and any other packaging material than what is actually inside the present. So, I had some clear cello bags on hand, and to make them super clean and chic, I folded them over top, then wrapped around a custom label. I am really proud how they turned out! Not bad for a one hour part of my day! Enjoy!

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  1. cute! i'm trying to crank out some last minute diy gifts myself! thank you pinterest for the ideas!